Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Room

Juni's class got to go visit a one room school house in Stillwater today to experience pioneer school there. They were instructed to dress as a pioneer child, bring a lunch as a pioneer child, and in the tradition of back then, bring the teacher a homemade gift. I got so excited for her! This opportunity for her to play "real" dress up is something I'm wishing I could have done, or could do, I wish I could have gone. I got ambitious and geared up to make her a drab calico dress with apron and mismatched bonnet. I ran out of time, "hello time management!". Anywho, we went a thrifting, found THE perfect pioneer kid dress. We then tea stained a white muslin shift and manufactured it into an apron. My friend Kari had an extra bonnet Juni's size laying around, and we had her riding boots, voila! A pioneer child. For lunch I made her cornbread, bacon, a hardboiled egg, and gave her an apple. Sounds good to me, I even drizzled the bacon grease on top of the cornbread as it baked, yum! For a present we wove one of those loopy pot holder things kids (and adults) make. I think she will have an awesome time!

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