Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To DO...

GEtting ready for my buggy's birthday party. she will be 8 tomorrow. i am a mom to an 8 year old. how old am i? sheesh.

so, i am most of the time not organized at all....but when it comes to my babies birthday's, i am. it is my mommily job to do them a birthday right. 2011 themes: bee's was "star wars", popi's was "rainbows", and juni wanted "clouds". we don't do large birthday's, just close friends and family, sometimes we grill out, sometimes we don't, but it is always in our living room. the themes started when i made a robot cake for my friend kristi.
the kids saw what crazy things mommi did with icing and what-nots they started asking for a birthday cake that looked like something. so started that trend. now we base the birthday around this idea, we do cupcakes too. anyways....i started getting organized for the bug's birthday party; cotton batting to make clouds out of, cookie pop sticks for cookie pop favors, blue cupcake papers, and a new pastry bag tip:) i love making my kid's birthdays unique to them. we have done cats, dinosaurs, horses, unicorns, strawberries, star wars, much! well, anywho...lunches are made, babes asleep, midsommer murders to be watched. night night.

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Valerie said...

Can't wait! We'll be there! And Happy Birthday to Juniper. Crazy that she is already 8. Just crazy.