Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yesterday Was My Birthday

it was also the first day of our music fest, Free Tulsa
. it was such a busy day, starting off at 7am! the Greek was going 60 miles an hour, with me trailing behind at 10mph. haha! there was tent set up, stage set up, vendor set up, heat-heat-heat, and last minute details of course. so many people have been helping with this undertaking, i even had my family out there helping out. i made it till 6.30. i thought i could do more, i was doing good, then it kinda hit me, the heat, the sun, the non-laying down...i guess my doctors know what they are saying. i wish i could have stayed, there were many bands i would have liked to see. but tonight's the night, i'm going, my mom, juni and bee and i. i will not be working, my body is just not up to it. i wish it was, i feel guilty watching everyone else shuffle around at high paces while i just sit there. i'll take some pictures to post later...

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Mrs. O said...

It was a great show. We posted a wrapup. I miss music writing when I go to a great show like that. It was well done.