Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Week...

since the kids got out we have been one busy little fam.

winky-dog riding on my shoulders, it's how he rolls.
the new chicks, savoir faire and speck-tacle.
juni and her horse for her lesson.
juni riding, she was so good. her teacher says she has a natural ability.
we went to stillwater last week too. we played at theta pond.
went to the library. ate at eskimo joe's. went thrifting. we also went to my old
places, like my house i lived in when i was 8.
my elementary school for 3rd and 4th.
my trailer park.
then we went home on old highway51. we got to see the oldest known homestead in payne county, and next door got a tour of the amazing jim thorpe's home.
saturday we went to the dog show at the fairgrounds. the kids loved it.
for lunch the girls and i made a yummy salad from arugula(rocket), kale, beet greens, parsley, and onion tops from the gardens.
later we went to a birthday party at this land. they had yummy watermelon water, a genuine tee pee, and plenty to play on for the kids!
we have started this summer out with quite a bang. lots done and lots more ground to cover. cannot wait!


cssolomon said...

Awe :) Your family is so beautiful.

sacha said...

thanks:) you have a pretty handsome family as well!