Thursday, October 7, 2010

10 Things I Love

1...i absolutely love to have my feet rubbed and cuddled. when they are clean. this love was started by my wonderful mum, she would always rub my feet growing up because she loved me and it calmed me down.
2...gummi foods. black forrest or haribo gummi. bears, worms, spiders, strawberries, frogs, pigs, marshmalllow studed gummi, pastile encrusted, sour, regular, five pound gummi bears, whatever. the best was in heidelberg there was a gummi only store. mmmm.
3...being dizzy. i love rides that spin me right round baby right round. up and over, upside down, spinning so fast i am flailed against a wall, pinned. i love it.
4...chez panisse. my favorite restaurant in the world. anytime i am near the berkeley area, i make reservations at miss alice waters wooden box of joy. spending whatever amount i need to to have the best meal possible is nothing to me. i don't ever second guess that meal. i have never eaten anything bad there. and the best part is after 3-4 courses and licking my plate, and everyone elses...i never feel full and yucky, just satiated. kids, duh. no matter how much juni, beila, and kalliope drive me bonkers, they are still the funniest human beings on the face of the planet to me. i learn something new every day. june taught me the 50 states just the other day. at h&m or forever 21. so cheap and you can stay in there for hours and be perfectly happy flipping through every garment and walk away with almost everything you liked.
7...going to a live music show of a band or singer you worship. be it (for me) the pixies, ishi, dr. john, the sounds, indigo girls, delbert mcclinton, the cure, they might be giants, always sends warming chills down my spine to be in a crowed venue with live music i live my life by pooling in my ears and heart.
8...walking. i love to walk places. i wish this town was walking friendly. where i live i can almost get by by walking but it still isn't very friendly. i love to walk.
9...swinging on my front porch swing. some of it is nostalgia, being my g'parents house and all, but i can sit for hours staring out at my neighbors yards swinging. it is calming.
10...popping zits, or things that could be zits. shut-up, i know you love it too. you are just not as cool as i am to be admitting it. so there.

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