Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

what a beautiful morning in good ole t-town, oh what a beautiful day. i had scrambled eggs and cheese with turkey sausage at queenie's this morning. after our filling breakfast, of course we headed over to anthropologie.

we saw this cute squatty owl cookie jar, it is different then the tall orange one. i can't find it on the website:(

in-the-round tights
everyone needs cute tights for the fall. paired with cute boots or heels...awesome!

raining lines henley
i love henleys, can you tell? pink and white stripes! love!

i wish i could give you a link to this pretty headband. honestly all the head bands in the shop are adorable. go in and try one on.

again, no link. this dress is so pretty with the spanish looking embroidered flowers.
it would be great for winter, spring, summer or fall.

fuzzy woolish throw! i like to pet it.
and amazing colors, this picture is bland.

nonpareil bracelet
i love the beads and sparkles on this, and anything coral colored is a favorite.

i didn't get anything fun this week, i had to go buy an external hard drive for my laptop, too many pictures on my computer, not enough space:) have a great week!

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Creative Mom said...

I can't wait to see the store when I am visiting will you take me? So far I have visited Anthropologie in 4 states and they are all unique.