Sunday, October 31, 2010

Matryoshka BooHaHa 2010

this year for halloween we(i) decided we would be matryoshka/babushka/russian nesting dolls. i thought it was hilarious. first i thought we'd carry around cardboard cutouts of a traditional shaped babushka, but then the girls would not have had the freedom of their hands. so then i thought we'd just dress like them. there are 4 of us in different heights, so it worked. i made the white dresses out of the shirt dress tutorial, and then pinned the anthropologie napkins i got earlier on front for our aprons. then of course i cut out red kerchiefs from red fabric and hot glued them on headbands to keep them on our heads! except for popi, pink cheeks and over sized eyelashes completed our look.

yesterday was boohaha on brookside, we went to the costume contest with the golden driller(henry), and met up with gnomies, olive and calder for the parade. we won one of the costume contests, but not the overall. still, bee had fun sporting the big blue ribbon the rest of the day.

babushka popi

juni and calder

first place bee

marvin with olive and calder

henry with the real golden driller.
val, henry's costume was fab!

we have had a crazy halloween week so far, more to do today! have fun and be safe:)

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Valerie said...

yay for halloween!!!!! we sure enjoyed it!