Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Morning Anthropologie

yesterday was very busy. i did not have my monday morning at queenie's with my friends. so no stop at anthro:( but this morning after helping kristen with stuff for her day of the dead installation we went and had our looksies all about:)

piece de resistance blouse
this pretty blouse's brand name bears a very close resemblance to my very precious middle child, beila james...sure sounds similar.

highest accolades dress and beautiful fuzzy lace dress
i really love and desire this lace dress. the lace is so soft, i refuse to try it on because my breast feeding chest is too large right now to fit into it. but i want it so.

matriarch skirt
i love the little asian woman all over this mustard skirt.

silken stitches dress
this dress is gorgeous and silky. this picture is not good. the bustier looking top has beautiful stitches representative of jean paul gaultier that i love.

farmer's egg crate
i got this on my dining room table full of eggs. i can't wait to put americauna eggs in it when the chickies i get friday start laying blue and green eggs this spring!!

the non-planner datebook
perfect for non-planners like me.

how have i been in this store tons of times now and not seen those mushrooms?

is this new? or have i missed this too?

i am so excited, next week Christmas is coming to anthropologie! and new windows!!!
have a good week!

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