Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

everything looks lovely, as always in the wonderful whimsical world of anthropologie. each time you go in there is certain to be a surprise you did not see last time you visited. there is so much to see, so little time....

zinc letters
wise ol' cookie jar
wouldn't that be fabulous to have out on your counter and to spell "owl" next to it?

vestiges dress
i want this. it is super beautiful in person. the pin tucks at the bottom are great.

fiat luxe felted soap
i am getting one of these soon. they smell so good and it would be a nice exfoliating soap because of the felting.

hasbrouk button-up
this shirt looked great for a casual day, and it was so soft.

capri blue jar candle
i am not much on candles, but these smell divine.

crowned crane bedding
this was nice to touch and it looks like a marshmallow:) sleeping with this set would be like sleeping on a cloud.

until next monday...ta-ta!


Elle said...

I want that bedding SO BAD. There's also some purple bedding that I'm dying for.
The dress looks amazing on. One of my co-workers bought it and looks gorgeous in it.

sacha said...

i want it!!!