Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vintage Fair Rant From Sept 29,2007

****disclaimer: i do not mean to insult anyone who reads this. i love everyone and all walks of life. don't get upset because i am just spouting off an opinion. i don't want to start poo with people. this is here for entertainment purposes only.

i went to the fair for some hours last night, friday night at the fair. justin and kristi were very kind to be there chatting it up with strangers with me. our poor booth space...we do not get much traffic as we use to. we are right behind john christnor trucking (or whoever he is) and a lovely double wide luxury home, the bestest plastic double wide i have ever been in. if it wasn't for the plasticy creaking feel it would have been nice. i saw one mullet, that i remember. it was attached to a woman who was there with her partner. it was a very nice mullet, 10 out of 10 stars. a nice back wave going on and the top nicely spiked. people with mullets must carry combs in their back pocket, my hair would never stay that bouncy. they were very nice and easy to talk to, unlike a gentleman, okay not very gentle, a guy i talked to. out of my experience in the powersports industry i have come to a small conclusion, just an opinionated conclusion have you, that there are 2 types of motorcyclists. the first is the "if it has 2 wheels" breed. they are like i, where if it has 2 wheels, let me ride. motorcycle, scooter, moped, whatever. it is fun no matter what. i find these people are real "bikers", if they have a harley, they are the old man gray beard, kind leathery kind of man, who gets excited to shoot the shit with you about anything with 2 wheels. there are exceptions to this conclusion. then there is the costumed, as justin puts it, harley rider, who is decked out in overpriced harley logoed clothing and refuse to even acknowledge that other forms of 2 wheeled vehicles could be fun because "it ain't a harley." they buy their lady a harley and when she is too tiny or inexperienced enough to ride the monster get upset and refuse to let her do anything but ride "bitch". i get many women that want to ride with their men but he has a issue with a body part of his and will not let his lady have fun because he has problems. what poo heads. these men are not real bikers. a guy told me last night he would not have one shoved up his *ss. so i asked him if he was afraid it would feel good. the lady he was with fit nice and easy on scooter, i think she just wanted to ride anything so she could be a part of his world, but his manhood was far too small to even consider that. i do not get it. there was a lot more idiotic things he spatted off to me, and i had far too much fun with him. i only saw a couple of mobility scooters, no leashes, nothing too far out of the ordinary, yet. i need to go walk the midway. and i am still on the look out for the deep-fried mashed potatoes.

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