Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

this morning at queenie's they had my favorite on the chalkboard, pain perdu. i drizzle honey over the top and it is gone in 30 seconds! soooo good. after my monday morning breakfast with kristen and marvin and doing a little baby sharing, off i went to anthropologie! when i got there i realized i had never been in the upstairs dressing rooms. they are so cute and modern-romantic looking. i could take a nap up there.

i love the anthropologie lounges.

the cute step stool in the dressing room. now we must look at the what i wants of this week.

frill force jacket and rutledge sweatercoat
these 2 outerwear pieces are beautiful, especially the colors on the sweatercoat.

open class vest
i am usually not one for a vest, i would love to pull this one off this fall.

happy filling pie plate
i love to bake, and to bake in this would be divine.

i can't find these online, they are a nice sized coin purse with an initial on it. i could only find a j and a k, there were limited choices, but all cute.
have a happy week!


Elle said...

There should have been more initial coin purses downstairs next to the perfumes and such (in a large basket) unless they were sold out (always a possibility). I also think that there may be more in stock...
I want to get one for my neice's birthday BUT she goes by Mima when her given name is Nayomi leaving me with a Coin Purse Conundrum: do I get her an "N" or an "M"? This is what I focus on instead of world peace of cures for cancer.
Pain Perdu sounds devine. Man, I love Queenies!

sacha said...

there were other choices besides k and j, i couldn't find a b or s. the whole initial thing is an odd thing to ponder, i have been wondering that with popi/kalliope.