Monday, February 14, 2011


here is a heart for you. my san fran heart. that's miss beebee by the way. i'm not a valentine's day person, never have been. why? i'm not sure. it seems like a day for let down. in grade school i loved decorating my desk and bag/box for valentine receiving, that was fun. in middle and high school we had candy gram things and you could send valentines to your friends, but that was like a popularity contest. if you were popular you got tons, if you were like me you got a couple, some anonymous..yikes. i had a steady boyfriend all through high school, yet we were never really into valentines then either. i like it better like this. i don't have to worry about getting my sweetheart a dorky, thoughtless gift just because a day says so. what's even funnier is that we got married the day before valentines! i give my kids valentines, so what does that say? it says i love them:) happy monday!


Carrie said...

I made Tal fresh squeezed lemonade for Valentine's Day. :) It's just a little thing I know he loves. He brought me flowers even though he missed the special v-day sale of flowers and chocolates and trinkets at Googleland.

Sandie said...

You are sooo funny! Although I believe in the sentiment of the holiday, sadly, I've never had a "partner" who agreed with me. In school, well, that's better forgotten. Jose says it's just comercialism.....he did scrape the ice off the windshield for me!