Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Morning Anthropologie

i felt weird about going into anthro today because i was wearing a sweater from there. i didn't want to go in wearing something i bought from there, is that odd...yes, yes it is. so i decided to do shoes!
if we know anything about me it is my love for clogs and cardigans. and many other things, but those two are in my top fashion MUSTS.
almond and indigo heels
t-straps are so cute!
so is cork.

dark and stormy wedges
these aren't normally like me, but they would look so hot on my feet in a mini skirt.

fiery foliates espadrilles
straps around the ankle are so beautiful.

lemon stick wedges
t-strap and leather all rolled up in this morning yellow!

i don't know why i like these. they kinda look like a band-aid. but i like them, i'd wear them with some jeans rolled up a little.

gosh i love shoes, and i wear a size 38eu/8us:)
have a gorgeous week!

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