Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh My Snow.

what happened? a week ago i was basking in the nice warm sun outside on the front lawn while children played all around in their t-shirts. oh yeah, i live in OK. cool. i spent monday getting ready for this week, but nothing can prepare you for three children cooped up for 4 days. it is too cold to go out and play and too snowy to play. today we went out! today we saw other humans besides family, and it was nice. the city streets are crazy. i don't know if the streets have been plowed or not, they are packed with snow and everywhere there are cars stuck, covered in snow, stuck at the light, people with shovels, cars pushing other cars. then there are the people walking. they walk in the middle of the street because the snow is packed down there, hauling groceries or pulling them on sleds. then it happened, it snowed again:( good thing i LOVE to cook! y'all keep warm now, ya hear.