Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Head Hurts

for the past few days i have woken up with a headache. i can't figure it out. maybe it has something to do with this monstrosity in the room next door to mine.

who knows the reason. i do know i can't take anything that makes it go away, tylenol does nothing for me. so i sit and try to keep still.

i can't believe beila sleeps in this bookmess. how does she wake up without a headache?


Valerie said...

I know how she sleeps -- she cushions her little self with her dolly! I love seeing that on her bed. :)

Sorry you've had a headache, my friend. Hopefully the beautiful weather will help it go away...

Mrs. O said...

I can know I get them all the time when I'm knocked up. Probably you've already tried these things, but I will give my list: caffeine (can make it worse though when it wears off), migraine cold patches, boyfriend head massage, water, water, water, breathing techniques, warm bath, cold wash cloth. Sorry you feel bad!