Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Morning Anthropologie

when it was snowing and freezing last week, when anthro was open for a couple hours, i ran inside while doing a food run at utica. i have a Christmas gift certificate and went to go get a few things on sale. i went to go get an entire different dress, and wound up with this one. i really like it a lot.
it looks so much better on than on that form.

i also got this wonderful fuzzy scottie dog sweater. i love it. so do a lot of girls i know. we could be twinkies! i also got a brown belt to go with my new dress and some warm thermals for the nice weather we were having. i still have some gift certificate left, just so's if i fall in love this spring:)

go-getter pants
such cute pants! maybe all my baby weight will be gone this spring and i can partake of these cuties:)

crossing the stripes dress
this dress is like a tropical flavored candy cane you get at the circus. i can't wait for summer!

enjoy the rest of your week!

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Creative Mom said...

I was eyeing the stripe dress also so cute!