Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I Learned About Myself

during our "blizzard" this past week i have learned a few things i didn't know about myself...
-being stuck in a house for over 48 turns me into a sloth
-i am much more patient than i believed possible
-i hate snow(i knew that already, but i REALLY hate it)
-i love my toyota land cruiser
-being stuck indoors while snow surrounds me, i cook very warming and tasty, yet very bad for you foods
-i like not changing my clothes for days on end(i knew that too, but rarely get to full fill my yearning for it:)
-my kids get along more often than not
-i love my chickens so much i am willing to wade through 15" of snow to water and feed them
-after 48 hours being stuck indoors i am willing to walk in the snow, which i hate, to get out of the house.UNBELIEVABLE, but true.
-after five days cooped indoors with my children i get a tad bit irritable, just a tad

i can't believe i didn't use this down time to clean and organize my abode, it was like the snow had mini lasers that shot sloth behavior right into my ears and i had to be lazy. yeah, mini sloth lasers.


Creative Mom said...

Great post! Glad you survived, maybe next time you can activate your laser shields.

Dr. Mondo said...

I can't believe you don't like the snow.

Carrie said...

sounds like u were hibernating...eating lots of comfort food and doing nothing to conserve energy for the spring...totally natural evolutionary impulse

Mrs. O said...

Haha. I was feeling all ashamed because I kept waking up in the clothes I put on the previous day and I blamed it on pregnancy. Hey, it's cold and nothing fits anyway! Now I don't feel so bad. Someone else told me they'd been doing that too. Does your house get warm? Ours must have holes in it or something.