Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Borax Fun

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i have ants. well, my house has ants. my kitchen and bathroom to be specific. this house has had ants in the spring/summer since as long as i can remember. i don't know what my grandparents did about them. years past i have used ant poison traps, they have seemed to work okay. but they always come back and keeping poison around(not the band) is not what i like to do. factoid: there are grease ants and sugar ants. i am certain we have sugar ants, thirsty sugar ants. anywho...my mom in law said something about sprinkling borax as a picket line, ants won't cross it. i forgot this advice. so there i was in the "lie-berry" with my little brood on our tuesday "lie-berry" trip, i was in the "get your life clean and in check" section and i found a book. the book is called organic housekeeping. in this book i was reminded of the borax effect. so i totally ran out and bought a box of borax. when i got home, i sprinkled the stuff everywhere, and they fled! it is amazing stuff. i was also reminded that you can make slime with borax and school glue. you can also preserve flowers with borax, and make crystals. the girls will love all we can do with it, who knew borax would fill our summer days with wonder?

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Mrs. O said...

Yeah borax! Good stuff. We make our laundry detergent from it! It's awesome and works as a nice all-natural multipurpose cleaner. Plus it takes like 20 minutes to make a giant tub that lasts for months...all for around $5.