Friday, April 8, 2011

Dads as Hipsters

i have just been introduced to this awesome website, dads:the original hipsters. hilarious because it is true. i always knew my dad was super cool. well, not always, but i learned fast. my dad drove a motorcycle before it was cool, he did everything before it was cool. let's see, my dad owned an army surplus store, owned a head shop, had a leather shop, was in a band, had an ultra cool afro and chops, had cool mustaches and beards,had artist friends, owned an orange vw van, had a bike shop before biking was super cool, smoked ciggis(and quit, yeah dad!), he built things with his own two hands, he had vegetable gardens, had 2 old english sheep dogs and showed them, had sports cars, sewed things with a sewing machine, and had the world's most neato kids....i think my dad is why hipsters are even around, everyone wants to be my dad, and i don't blame them. love you daddy.

1 comment:

Valerie said...

yep, your daddio is the original hipster! but that pic freaks me out -- it's like looking at Peter!