Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long Day of Nothing

i have been going to bed when the kids do, but i am sooo tired. well, i thought i went to bed when they did, i try, but popi seems to have kept me awake lately. such is life.

i went and zumba-ed with anissa and bianca today. then i went to my parents for awhile and hung out, ate a lunch of avocado and grapefruit, watched this weeks episode of the beekman boys, and visited with my aunt and parents. by the way, there is a group of blue herons that live in my parent's tree.

do you see them? their nest?

then i went home and was getting ready to go to my friend's house to sew, but then the Greek had to borrow my phone because his was lost and someone had it on the north side of town, but he was gps-ing it and blah blah blah....
well, he got his phone back. the girls and i took showers, watched some dukes of hazard, played outside, then we went to dinner at hey mambo. june wants you to know she played outside at dinner and had mac and cheese. i had lamb, mmmm-good. oh yes, and a dirty martini. my favorite. now we are home and i feel as if i accomplished nothing today because the house is a pit. tomorrow i vow to get some of these clothing mountains pushed down. but now, i am going to crawl under my covers, garlic breath and all.

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