Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Morning Anthropologie

good day! today i thought i would redesign my kitchen/eating area a little with my favorites from you-know-where.

angles and orbs mirror
this mirror is awesome, and huge. there is one in our local store and i love to stand in front of it. that's all.

sailing ship
i'm not into ships or anything but i think this picture would look good on my hypothetical wall with the hypothetical wallpaper below....

woods wallpaper
like my bathroom, i would wallpaper one wall. too much of a good thing can screw up your eyes!

shagged depths rug
i'm thinking my kitchen would be white with these gray and black accents. i love shag rugs. and black would be great with kids around.

lindo dining table
i love wood, i love this table.

redsmith dining chair
bistro chairs! now i can pretend to be in paris for lunch!

bubbled bell pendant
i would want like 5-7 of these on the ceiling, they come in random colors which i think is cool.

hard candy knob
i have glass door knobs already, so these would go with the rest of the house.

pipeline handle
same for these:)

deep sea curtain
and my favorite...octopus curtains!!!! aren't they loverly?

well, that's my fictitious kitchen/dining area....have a great week!

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Joey Mechelle said...

I'm in love with the octopus curtains!