Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend in Review

we had a super busy weekend. three birthday parties on the menu and one easter egg hunt, whew!

this is rory, popi, and blythe. we were at mceedee's for tag's birthday. it was so much fun! really. the kids ran around like crazy, the babies sat and stared at the kids running around, and the adults got to relax. i didn't get any good pictures of kids because they were so fast.

easter egg hunt at church was fun and nice weather.

beila showing me her yo-yo. they had snacks, bouncy things to bounce in, cookie decorating, and of course the egg hunt. lots of fun every year.

we then went to a rollerskating birthday party for olivia! i couldn't roller skate, had the bebe in tow, but i had other wonderful parents there to help out. there is logan, logan's dad, beila, kaden, kaden's mom, and juni. kaden's birthday party was saturday night, but we couldn't make it, the girl's had to leave early to go to their step-mom's birthday party. too many birthdays! we have more next week too. this is the first year i have ever let the girls go to school friend's birthdays, and maybe the is too much for me!


Creative Mom said...

Great photo of the babies together! Lily has her first roller skating party next month I can't wait.

sacha said...

lots of bumps on the tooshies! hope lily does better than the girls:)