Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Morning Anthropologie

i love necklaces. i love big necklaces, small necklaces, colorful necklaces, all necklaces! i buy them, then i don't wear them. actually, i am wearing a gold cross right now....hmmmm, there goes that statement.

caesura necklace
i love simple necklaces a whole lot. simple and modern.

take heart necklace
there is a part of me that still thinks i can pull off a 20-something look like an oversized heart.

merveilleux necklace
colors! beads! bold! this necklace demands attention.

arles necklace
i have been in arles. stayed there for 4 days or so. this necklace does not remind me of arles. it looks like a modern take on a vintage necklace, love it.

serengeti beats necklace
now this beauty. i love plunging necklines, i love cleavage, i love necklaces that nestle in that beautiful spot. super sexy!

have a great week!

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