Friday, April 29, 2011

4am...Wedding Time!

i would never rise at 4am for any other wedding, including my own. the royals have been a part of my life since i was little. charles and diana were wed when i was three and then william was born when i was four. my memaw always got people magazine and then passed it on to my mom, so we always knew the up and up about the royals. i feel like they were a part of my life even though i live in the US. i even have a charles and di plate:) i can't wait for my william and kate plate!
well, the girls and i spent the night at my parents so we could watch the festivities with my mom. we drank pg tips tea with sugar and almond milk, crumpets and lemon curd, bangers, treacle, and digestive biscuits. odd assortment, i know. it was as british as i was getting at 4am. all the sugar gave me a tummy ache later.

that's harry and wills riding to the church! they looked so handsome, but of course the bride was FAB! loved the grace kelly inspired dress.

our tea party on the fly.

4am hair.

i hope juni can remember watching this with us when she is older.

oh! i borrowed princess bea's fascinator for a bit, too much?


Figgy said...

Looks like you had a smashing time! That fascinator made me giggle;)

Sandie said...

I remember getting up for both Princess Anne and Diana's weddings!! A sucker for princesses and happy ever after stories....sorta funny with both of them divorced soon enough and poor Di's tormented life. I'm still a romantic though and dashed to my boss' computer to check out the dress since we were at work.