Wednesday, May 4, 2011

38 Weeks

miss lil popi is growing, sorta. she is still so small, i love it! she has no teeth, does not crawl, or try to, and does not pull up. but, she plays on the floor by herself really well, loves music and likes to sway and boogie to it. she likes scrambled eggs, yogurt, acorn squash, and ripe bananas. she gets excited to see her poppa bear now, she wiggles and giggles and reaches out for him, so cute. when i bring her into bed in the morning for nursing she cranes her neck around to look for her poppa, she knows he's there. her eyes are blue, a blue outside and hazel/green center, they are beautiful. it is so odd, all three of my girls have different colored eyes. juni has caramel/hazel eyes, bee has dark chocolate eyes, and popi has blue. love the differences! oh and yes, those are her real eyelashes, no makeup or photoshop:)

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