Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Cal-ee-forn-I-A Trip

i have been so busy. the kids got out of school this week so i am crazy! but here is the break down on our trip...

kalliope's first plane trip:)
we got to go to the cock pit, just like the good ole times.
bathhouse time with carrie at watercourse way.
my new favorite grocery store, milk pail, rocks.
breakfast at dottie's, we waited inline for 45 minutes. it was so worth it! we picked up a dining partner in line, a pregnant gal from singapore. that was fun, we each got a different scramble and shared. i also partook in the rocky road bar:)
pop-star was happy shopping downtown with the gals.
miette in hayes valley, always. ALWAYS.
ocean beach.
it was ummm, windy.
the mission. my favorite place in the city. the food, the shops, the people, yes....the people. i like the people of the mission!!!
carebear's baby shower for her baby girl:)
google lunch, heaven.
playing angry birds on the giant android. it worked! the whole phone worked for reelz.
we even took pictures and emailed to carrie's itty bitty android.
honeyplex photo-op
mmmm, do-nuts........

so i had a great trip, of course. carrie and tal were the perfect hosts, we had fun, ate a bunch of food, got to sit around and do nothing, i love being with my family out on the west coast. pictures not here are of our time in san jose. real quick...we went to a baby convention thingy then i got let loose at the winchester mansion for the afternoon, it was nuts., then popi and i went to san francisco for the evening. glad to be home, it is good to be in my bed:)
i got a welcome home from all these sweet.

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