Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scooter Sighting

while in stillwater this friday i ran into one of my favorite scooters, a stella. that man behind it was telling me that it wasn't a stella, that it was a vespa. i pointed out the genuine scooter odometer...he said it that it was a "new" odometer. i pointed out the genuine seafoam paint job, the missing genuine scooter brand on the horn cast, this guy was not giving in. the vespa badges are old school badges, a new px has a cursive angular badge not the that one he bought from scooterworks. brand name dude spun some story about buying his "vespa" in italy for 400 lira. either this guy was duped or is really an idiot who needs to rethink lying about the brand of his scooter. dork.

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