Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Record Collection

cat stevens' mona bone jakon is one of my favorite albums ever.
it has many stupendous songs on it. cat stevens is a musical Greek god and i have had a super duper big crush on the 1970's cat stevens since forever, maybe that's why i like Greeks;)
i love so many songs off this lp, so i had to post 2. i wish they were both live performances, but i couldn't find trouble live. the live performance of lady d'arbanville is so awesome. cat stevens is so hot. (SHOUT OUT to my hottie hot hot Greek! I love you babe!) trouble was on the sountrack to harold and maude, my favorite movie of all time. the video is the clip with the song in the movie. spoiler alert: if you have not seen harold and maude, 1: shame on you, 2: go watch it, like now, and 3: don't watch the clip. the song trouble is not only one of the most gut wrenching songs ever but so beautiful and poignant. it triggers feelings deep inside of me, i want to shut the world out when i hear it, turn it up, sing really loudly and cry. i love that song. enjoy:)

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