Sunday, June 27, 2010

32 Weeks

my gorgeous Greek and i went to the closest ikea this weekend for some much needed storage solutions for our ever expanding family. it was a nice little get a way for us. we stayed in a cute little modernish hotel called aloft. a-dorable. went to uncle julio's with the best ever chips for dinner, shared beef fajitas and a flan. went back to the hotel and slept in till 10am! at ikea we had the regular $1.99 breakfast before we went a-hunting. we got everything we needed and got out of there 4 hours later. whew! it's great to be home and put my swollen feet up and watch true blood.

it's great to make it to 32 weeks without giving birth to a child. i had been a little nervous because i had 2 people close to me give birth around 32 weeks within the last couple months. everything is good with them, their babies are home now, but it is always a scary thought in the back of my mind that i might have to experience the same thing. i'm holding strong as far as i can tell, i know i should be off my feet more but that is hard for me to do keeping 2 kids entertained for the summer, nesting, and working at the shop.

we'll see what our doctor has to say about me this week!

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