Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bluberry, Blackberry, and Raspberry Morning

we (juniper, beila, my mom and i) went to Thunderbird Berry Farm this morning before we took the girls to school today. we chose to go to thunderbird because they had all the berries. first we picked raspberries, then blackberries, then blueberries. we ran out of time for strawberries. we hadn't been blueberry picking in a couple years, i guess. it was about time to go and my friend Valerie reminded me in her blog that it was time! we love the raspberries and blackberries the best. i went to braum's and bought some cream to pour over our stash tonight:)

bee and me
oklahoma blueberries

i asked juni to take a picture of me, this is what we ended up with

juni's blackberry bucket

juni and bubbe, it was wonderfully over overcast this morning
we had 2 bags full of berries, all for a whopping $10! we had a lot of fun stomping through the mud and picking this morning, we might go back for more:)

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Valerie said...

Woot! I'm so glad you all went! Sounds like you did better than us if you got the blackberries and raspberries, too. Yum, yum! We'll go raspberry pickin' in MN this fall. I love the pics. You and your fancy iPhone sure have the coolest pics.