Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FAILED- Glucose Test

my first hour is about up on my 3 hour glucose test i am taking today because i flunked my first one. my empty, hungry stomach is still reeling from my bottle of syrupy, orange liquid i downed not too long ago. i do not want to vomit. an hour or so ago the very skilled phlebotomist painlessly withdrew a vial of blood from my blood bank port on my arm, then she told me to drink. i always dread the glucose test. my first pregnancy i passed. with beila i flunked and got to experience the 3 hours of hell blood test for the first time. i passed and knew i never wanted to do that again. this glucose test time around i thought for sure i would pass, until my doctor's office called me monday and told me i needed to take the extended version. i politely asked what would happen if i refused, she replied that i would be in store for some diabetic counseling. okay, glucose test it is. now i am sitting here in the lab with a nauseated stomach, and orange flavored burps.

hour two is steadily ticking by with another hole in my arm. my stomach is still doing flip flops, and my burps are popping every once in awhile. i want to lay down and eat oatmeal. but for now, i have my laptop, pregnancy magazines swiped from my ob office, bench seating, and my shoes off. i hope i don't offend any of the peeps walking in and out of here.

third stick. this one stung. rain boots off, back on my bench, getting ready to watch more glee. my stomach doesn't hurt that much anymore, less burps, but i sure am hungry. i still want that oatmeal. would it have been overkill to have brought a blanket to snuggle up in?

getting ready for my fourth stick and then i'm off! will it be nap time or phat phillies? i am starving, food then nap you say. so be it!

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Mrs. Owen of Yorktown said...

So sorry to hear that, sweet sugar! I bet you pass the second one. Enjoy your nap.

Did you see the Glee finale? I haven't made it yet.