Friday, June 25, 2010

My Penguin Water Carbonator

i got a new toy today. well it's not a toy really but an essential kitchen tool now. in our house we drink a lot of carbonated water. that means lots of recycling of pellagrino bottles, perrier bottles, or whatever carbonated water bottle being brought into the house. we saw the penguin at williams-sonoma and registered for it. i got it today:) it comes with 2 glass carafes, and 2 refillable co2 cartridges you can recharge williams-sonoma for $15. you put cold tap water in your bottle, put it in the penguin, press the nose till it "whistles" at you the right amount of bubbles and voila! you have sparkling water. add juice of concentrates and you can have homemade sodas and sparkling juice. i am so excited to be able to have my water anytime now and to make it for my family.

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Valerie said...

i am so going to have to break down and get one for doug. we used to spend oodles of money on carbonated water. plus, hello it is cute!