Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beila-Bee Turns 4 Years OLD!!

yesterday we celebrated Beila's 4th birthday. we had friends and family over to eat cupcakes and ice cream, and play in the blow up pool with the giant water octopus. each year i ask the girls what kind of cake they want and then theme the birthday around that. this year bee wanted a unicorn cake with flowers around the horn. i make them each a dress that has to do with their theme, and decorate the cake as they wished, and one of my home town besties, Kristen, makes a birthday hat to match. the hats have always been the highlight of the birthday parties. kristen puts so much into each one, we have quite the collection now between the 2 girls. the dresses i make are usually whipped up the day of the party and quite homespun looking, but it makes me feel good. this year i was tired/pregnant and didn't have time or the energy to make a unicorn like she asked, so i decided to do cupcakes with a unicorn topper. after looking all morning for unicorn stickers without any luck i gave up and decided to make a stamp.

i carved the little unicorn with an exacto and cut my finger in the process, i thought i was smart enough to remember to cut away from myself! but they turned out okay.

i think we had 12 kids running around in the water and in the house. the pool quickly turned into a mud bath. i don't think anyone minded though, the kids had a blast. beila-bot got some fabulous gifts; she got barbies, barbie car, dress up clothes, books, a homemade unicorn themed outfit from "wowie", and fingernail polish. i even got a fabulous gift from my friend allison who just got back from NYC, 20 grams of beautiful smelling saffron, what an awesome gift from one weird foodie to another. thank you everyone!!

even though we celebrated yesterday, today is her birthday. i gave birth to that little toot on june 23rd, 2006. she has been a blessing, of course! i asked her where she wanted to eat breakfast before i took them to school, she wanted to eat at our favorite farmer's fast food restaurant. i had a delightful breakfast burrito and coffee, and both the girls wanted yogurt. easy peasy!
pudding tasting yogurt, tasty frozen berries, and packaged granola = yummy breakfast

bee modeling the amazing outfit wowie made. beila is such a little princess, such a girl. happy birthday to my mini me beila-bot!!! i love you:)

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Valerie said...

Yay! Happy B-day, Bee! And I'm just relieved it fit. :)