Friday, June 11, 2010

week 30

my head hurts. i am laying in bed rubbing my head wondering why it hurts, then i remembered, i got hit in the head with a rock. really.

so much is going on. the Greek is working on a music festival for the end of july, our wedding reception party is tomorrow, we have a nursery to get started, i have a scooter shop to run, the Greek's businesses to help with, kids to summer entertain, sewing to do, a garden to keep, chickens to tend to, the BIG game tomorrow at 12.30....the list goes on. i did get a nice phone call from my ob nurse telling me i do not have gestational diabetes, but i already knew that. baby girl is kicking up a storm and hiccups every once in awhile. i have gained 16 pounds and a varicose vein i caught in san francisco(like you wanted to know that). it'll go away, i told it to.

the Greek's second "family" is here from portland, ore for our wedding reception. they threw him a little impromptu baby shower the other night. they got us some very nice things, and he probably had no clue what they were. we got an ergo carrier with infant insert, glass bottles and silicone covers, cloth diapers, toys, handmade onsies, and other necessities. he'll learn fast:)
juni took this pic of me the other night after a yummy wet burrito at rio verde.

well. i am happy in bed watching the karate kid with my legs propped up, being a good girl. maybe i'll go to bed early.

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