Tuesday, June 8, 2010


after i picked the kiddos up from school today, we headed off to nam hai, an asian supermercado wonderland in east tulsa. i needed spoons, yup, those spoons. i need them for my wedding reception party this weekend! i bought 15.

i cannot remember if i have or have not taken the munchkins here before. i used to buy baby juni roasted nori here for her to munch on, so maybe she's been here...

i told them they could each pick out a treat when we got there. i also told them that they might think it would smell. they obviously thought it smelled bad, which it does. i wonder, is it all the dried and live fish everywhere?

they also wanted their pictures taken with the lions outside, but not while anyone was watching. juni is very sensitive to embarrassment right now, she would be mad like that little girl on the soy flavored snack package if i embarrassed her.

june picked out a package of mini puff pastry filled with chocolate for her treat. bee picked out chocolate pocky, and i picked out pineapple flavored marshmallows with a gooey pineapple center! tasty, i know. we also got two different types of tapioca, one rainbow colored to make bubble tea drinks and one to make good ole tapioca pudding. we'll see how that turns out.

went to my my first quilting bee group meet-up tonight at my friend monika's house. we are making her a quilt. i get to do pink and oranges for my panel. i can't wait to go fabric shopping!!! wheee!!!!


Valerie said...

quilting bee group?! what?! so fun!!!

sacha said...

i will be calling you mucho!