Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spider Mites?!

my tomato crop, along with my neighbor's, is almost nonexistent. i want to put my hands on my hips, stamp my size 8 foot, and squeal at my plants that "it is not fair!" where are my summer tomatoes that are usually overflowing into my friend's and neighbor's hands? i want to eat a fresh tomato from my garden. i have gathered about 12 cherry tomatoes, and 3 large ones out of 6 plants. 6 plants that have yellowed leaves, brown limbs, and almost no flowers. "spider mites!" wendy in the house behind me said, "we will all have to treat at the same time." none of us use chemicals, what do we do? we all have them, they fly through air like a superhero looking for wonderful gardens to torture. so now we are stuck with spinach, cucumbers, jalapenos, and awaiting the arrival of sweet corn. but i want a tomato.

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