Thursday, March 31, 2011

MJ Experience

we went over to bianca's house today after school to play on the wii. the girls have been interested in the king of pop for awhile and juni has been trying to moonwalk. when bianca found this out we were invited over to have a mj experience! we all took our turns shaking our groove thang and i maybe even broke a sweat. like many things the girls got tired and gave up trying to keep up with my smooth moves. i really need to invest in one of those wii things!

take a gander at that tongue!

popi got into the music, moving her body and arms.

loved watching her bootie shake


"because i'm bad, i'm bad, you know it!"


cssolomon said...

I got down to some Thriller this morning on my way to work. Usually when I listen to MJ I pretend I'm some super awesome backup dancer. Don't judge.

Creative Mom said...

Your girls are so cute!! Say hi to B for me.