Friday, September 17, 2010


this week my mom and i took the girls to the american miniature horse association show at the tulsa fairgrounds. it was awesome!
i sometimes feel like a big geek taking the kids to the animal shows at the fairgrounds, but it's free and the animals come in from all over north america to be shown. these are the best of the best. this week the barns were full at the fairgrounds, full of the cutest little horses ever.
we stared inside the show barn. it was odd watching these people bait the horses with hay balls from there pocket, waving their hands in front of the horses' noses for 20 minutes, trying to get the alignment of the neck correct for show. it is always neat watching animals get shown, all that love and hard work gets center ring for the animal and the handler.
after that one category of horses we went and paraded through the barns to look at the minis and hopefully pet some. we learned a lot about showing minis, the grooming, the different category's, the road life...we had a ball, can't wait for the next show to blow through our barns.

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