Friday, September 3, 2010

Project Runway Rant

i have to complain about the people on p.r. somewhere, sorry it's you.

i do not understand why everyone but casanova doesn't like Michael c. he does appear very humble and he seems to know what he is doing. i wasn't a fan of his 2 dresses he won for but then again i am not nina garcia, nor m.k. for heaven's sake they know more about fashion than any of the contestants or i for that matter, gotta trust the judges. gretchen wins twice and has an ego the size of mt. rushmore but people still like her! and for the whole ivy incident, i have to trust
michael c. that he did not say any of that, the camera's would have got it on tape and would have shown it. it would have been juicy. poor guy, he works hard and gets dogged on.

if you read grosgrain, you'll see i'm not the only one thinking this. i thought it was funny our thoughts paralleled like they did. all that means is that what i am saying is true. anywho...very excited for thursday night!

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Figgy said...

How funny! I just watched this episode this morning and have been thinking the same thing all day.