Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Favorite Son

today i volunteered to help take bee's class to the Will Rogers Memorial Museum in claremore.
isn't her class cute?

"no pictures mama."
that is will rogers' grave down there overlooking my beautiful home state.

i learned so much about will rogers. i think i enjoyed myself more than the kids. there were tons of private possessions of the rogers' family there, including what will rogers was wearing and what he had on his person when he and wiley post were killed in a tragic plane crash in alaska.
he was an amazing person.

my favorite thing were the fan mail envelopes that somehow made it to him without address. some of them just had a quote on them without acknowledgment and made it to him.

one of will rogers' famous quotes. he wanted it on his grave, and here it is.
what a great route 66 museum to visit!

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