Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movin' On Up

as i sit here on my bed watching the "cyprus" episode of Man Shops Globe for the umpteenth time,
i also am rereading the adorable invitation i received from the anthropologie headquarters in PA inviting me to the private opening party of the wonderfully new anthro store here in tulsa that will be open next week! someone thought i should be able to look inside before the mass population gets to!! eeeeek!

i have been buying from anthropolgie since about 1997 or so. my first purchases were a set of 4 plates i believe. they had vintage travel pictures on them. they use to hang on my kitchen wall until someone slammed the door causing them to fall to pieces on the floor.
next i bought some latte bowls. i have only one of those left, a lavender one.
the first piece of clothing i bought was a burgundy wrap sweater that cost me a fortune back then, i think maybe it was around $80 or so, too expensive for me, but i was in love.
then there was the skirt i forgot to order, it had sailboats on it, i loved it very much. never have seen it since then, and i still check ebay for it.
i learned my lesson to buy what i'm in love with after that.

anywho, i cannot wait to go inside the new store all bright and shiny, maybe purchase a trinket or two? or three? we'll see....ahhh, who am i kidding! thursday can't come soon enough!

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