Thursday, September 23, 2010

Open Open Open.

tulsa peeps waiting for the doors to tulsa's very own ANTHROPOLOGIE to open!
and my awesome mom on the right:)
oh yes, i'm here for the private event please.

the store had this chic handmade lodge feel to it.

i see what the hand dyed fabric was for now.
put me to bed there!

friendly, smiling, fashionable, helpful employees...
they helped carry my stroller up and down the stairs many times.

i was the first customer in the "sale" room!
never have seen one so clean and organized...

"book shelves"
so cute

pretty things

yummy spread of food waiting us

i want that over my mantle

i want one of these too...
wait a minute, that one is mine!
we have matching noses:)

this was a great opening! tulsa is lucky to have one of these awesome stores. i'm glad i don't have to wait for vacation now to go visit an anthropologie. if you haven't visited one of these stores it is a must, their housewares and clothes are mouth watering, and worth every penny.
and just if you wanted to know, monday morning anthropologie is not over, we've only just begun...

1 comment:

tag's team said...

I normally read your blog on my phone... but I must say its gorgeous. I wish mine were pretty... then maybe I'd blog.
Anyway, your first Tulsa Anthro visit was much more enjoyable than mine... poor Tag left his mark. Maybe soon I'll get to go there for more than 5 minutes & hopefully we'll never leave such a mess behind again!