Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

this morning anthro looked like a bee hive, people buzzing about, in and out. you looked in the windows and they were all abuzz inside as well. there was sewing going on, painting, sculpting, and hand dying. with the fence down it looked odd, a whole new store front, in my mind there is still wisteria framing the doorways. the anthro-bees must keep on working, they are opening friday:)


need a $3,200 wooden horse from thailand?

cutest handmade tree stumps with cloth covered tops.

large origami window
it was hard taking pictures because of the glare. the other front window had a molded cardboard tree limb in it like the stumps with little mushrooms, so cute. i cannot wait till thursday!

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Valerie said...

the anthro-puppy (gorgeous akita, that he is) kept trying to mount my leg last week. no joke. guess i smelled especially appealing to him since i have so many puppy smells on me at all times. yipes! i should have come to the window when you took pics. i was in there somewhere, and i just knew you'd be coming by at some point to take pics. i could have posed like a mannequin or something hilarious like that...