Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Month Old

popi turned one month old thursday, 9/9/10.
she is healthy. she is eating well, and sleeping well.
and when i say sleeping well i mean 10pm-7amish.
she smiles in her sleep a lot.
she smiled at me on purpose this last week.
she has my dimples.
she can pick her head up and move it to the other side.
she will not sleep in her crib, only in arms, bouncy seat, car seat, or ergo carrier.
except for that one time she did fall asleep in her room.
she will take milk from a bottle well.
she will not take a pacifier, she acts like you are choking her when you try.
she likes to suck her thumb when she finds it.
she licks the air constantly.
her eyes are still blue-gray.
she likes kanye west, poppa says she likes daft punk.
she likes the hair dryer sound.
i painted her toenails red yesterday.
i am a lucky mommi.
and juni and bee have stopped acting odd and throwing fits, for the meantime.
it is nice to take walks around the block as a five piece, we are a five piece family.

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