Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i'm sitting at the dining room table, eating my greek yogurt with honey, walnuts, flax seed, and granola trying to encourage myself to clean. it's not working. i blame it on the rain. the girls are at school so i should be making the most of my time by doing things that need to be done, like everything. instead i spent most of the morning breastfeeding a baby, swinging on the front porch swing, and reading "the bucolic plague" while listening to the rain. no motivation whatsoever. i finished my book though.

"the bucolic plague" by josh kilmer-purcell is a biography of sorts of 2 manhattanites that became weekend farmers in rural new york. the 2 men are partners that spend their time between a job at martha stewart and a job as an ad exec trying to get an old farm into working order. i loved the read, the way they really did become "gentleman farmers" and how they learned to live off the land. i want that life of the cows, the chickens, the goats, the huge vegetable garden, the canning, and the storing for winter. it is a ton of work, more work than i do now, but it sounds so fulfilling, right up my urban farm path.
let me share my favorite paragraph from the book.

"i needed to get back to the beekman.
i wasn't exactly sure what my best life was suppose to be, but i was pretty sure it had
something to do with cooking thanksgiving dinner with food from the garden, canning enough tomatoes to last through the winter, sweeping up zombie flies, picking apples, and baking cherry pies for a fourth of july picnic.
i needed to make some best life changes before it was too late.
oprah told me to."

it sounds like my best life. but really who knows what their "best life" is. that sounds like what mine would be, but really maybe it's just sitting here, eating my yogurt, waiting and putting off chores till i have to pick the girls up from school, and changing popi's diapers.

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