Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

these photos are from this past week. i was near there several times and something new was going on each time so i pictured it. i did not go by today because queenie's was closed due to labor day. so we went to ihop instead. i think that was my 2nd ever ihop visit. i was not too fond of it, my lesson learned.

the 1st two pictures you can sort of see the paint on the walls.

then the next time i went by there was the beautiful glass! i am so excited for this store to open:) they have big beautiful display windows. inside the back door you can see the small storage room they have, but no fear! there is a 4,000 sq ft storage space in the adjacent building's basement they have already built out. 4,000 sq ft of yummy anthropologie goodness!!! maybe i can have a job there when i retire:)

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