Tuesday, July 12, 2011

48 Weeks

oh my little pop-tart. what a great little girl. i have three of the best little girls in the whole entire world! i was nervous about having a third child but what was i thinking?! she turned 11 months old this past week. one more month till her first birthday, crazy! let's see, things little miss Kalliope does...today she started "crawling." when i say crawl i mean scoot with one leg in normal crawling stance, the other tucked under her. i will totally get a video. my mom and i will be working on this in hopes of correcting her crawl. i'm going to miss having a non-mobile baby. i put her down in the hall and found her a couple seconds later in the girls' room, gotta go find the baby gates. still no teeth, but she had her first cucumber today, and while gardening she stole one of my bell peppers and chewed up half of it. i also gave her one of the girl's favorite snacks, roasted seaweed, which she liked. on our trip she tried deviled eggs, three bean salad, creamed corn, and corn on the cob. amazing what she can eat without teeth.

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Creative Mom said...

She is so cute!! I can't believe she'll be one!