Friday, July 15, 2011


we got the urine test back today and it was positive for sugar. what that means is that bee is almost positively diabetic. we will hear more on monday.
i am very familiar with diabetes, my father is type 2. type 1 is different, and i needed to know more about it, so i started googling things about juvenile diabetes, if i wasn't worried before, i am most certainly now. thanks internet. i read about parents not letting their diabetic child out of their sight because they might have an "episode." helicopter parents that watch their kid's every move in fear it might be their last. there was calorie counting, carb counting, liver failure, and other horrifying things to have swirling around my mind. the worst thing i read was that diabetes was the 6th cause of death in the united states, and that when my baby dies, it will probably be from diabetes.
just so you know, if you don't know, type 1 diabetes is catagorized as an auto immune disease. your body attacking itself. you are born with a genetic predisposition for it. in life there are "triggers" that put the disease on go. beila must have had some "trigger" recently. it does not rear it's head because someone eats too much sugar, or that they are overweight, or because they caught it from someone. your pancreas makes insulin which lets sugar or energy into your cells, without insulin your body just pees out that sugar or energy. that is why diabetics take insulin every day.
even with the worry i now have, i am not going to let it change us, change beila. our diets might change, but i will not deny her her life that is rightly hers. we eat pretty well here, now it is only going to get better. the hardest part is going to be cutting out all of bee's everyday favorites, like milk and bananas, they will be in our diets, but not every day. hopefully, i will have some better news soon:)

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Creative Mom said...

Keep up the good spirits. She has a great Momma that knows a lot about food that's a good start.
I have a friend here and both of her children have JD but also celiac (also auto immune) keep an eye out for gluten sensitivity.