Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dr.Jelley's Day 2

have i mentioned how ironic and awesome beila's doctor's name is? dr. jelley. jelly is so yummy and full of sugar, something beila shouldn't have.
today we spent 4 hours learning more about diabetes and our child. another family was there as well and the mom seemed slightly angry and took it out on the nurse some. it was a little embarrassing at times. parks brought bee and we tested her blood, i knew something was wrong when i walked in but the 30-something blood sugar confirmed it. super duper low, hypoglycemic. beila looked as if she were going to pass out. quickly we gave her a juice box and dosed her for breakfast. by lunch she was hyperglycemic and acting nutsies, licking people and bouncing around. we got lunch in her fast, i wanted to laugh, okay, i did laugh, but her body was reacting to all this up and down and it was so visible. we went over so much today and i can't even recall any of it. it was intimidating knowing i was taking bee home with me and i was the one who was going to have to do all of the insulin and math. i made pasta carbonara for dinner with apples and milk. 91g of carbs, 5 units of insulin. the best part of the day is when my mom in law went to my favorite chocolatier, glacier chocolates, and brought bee sugar free chocolate and me a "your doing great" box all for myself. yummy:) well, anywho, so far today i gave beila 3 shots. one in the arm, leg and tooshy. 3 down, thousands more to go.


Sandie said...

Just want you to know that we are thinking of you all!!! Tough disease to live with but you can and will get through this like so many other thousands of parents before you. One of my favorite students was diagnosed last year in the third grade and is handling it great, doing her own finger sticks and insulin plus sticking to her diet.....This will be Bee's life from now on and she will adapt beautifully because it is all she will know. The beginning is obviously the hardest....but it will help that you are the food expert and your girls love their natural, organic, good-for-them foods...... We love you all!!!!

Creative Mom said...

Maybe you should bring someone with you to take notes the way Mariah does for CC's appointments. She says there is just too much information to remember and our Dad's notes help so much.

nkeithline said...

My heart breaks for the little Bee! And I know you are overwhelmed with all that there is to be responsible for. You have tons of people who love you and are willing to help in any way; if only to give you a much needed break or place to go for the day. I'm one, for sure! You will learn to live with the needed changes and the rest of the family will be healthier too! You already have so much going for you, in that you are gardening and buying healthy food. You'll get the hang of this and Beila will too. I love you all.