Saturday, July 16, 2011

Laurinburg, NC

laurinburg, north carolina

laurinburg, this is where my aunt bj and uncle clarence live. my uncle is my deceased grandmother's younger brother. he always has a contagious smile on his face that makes me feel warm. they also have some of the best blueberry bushes on the planet! every time we visit we pick blueberries, and it couldn't have been timed more perfectly, we ran out of blueberries for popi about then.

my north carolina family just happens to be huge duke university fans. there is duke stuff everywhere you walk, or walk on. go blue devils! my mom was born at duke university hospital, and i sport a large blue devil on my Christmas tree ever year that belonged to my memaw.

my aunt bj is a wonderful cook, one of my favorite things about traveling in the carolinas is eating the down home food. my favorite restaurant is in rowland near laurinburg, it is called pinks, but they were not open:( popi had her first corn cob. all my kids think that gumming on corn cobs is the best think in the world, you dare not take it away.

we spent the night there with them and went to rowland the next day.

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